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We propose to major companies and Labels our musical products and artists for a license,




















Assistance(Audience) to the creation of your label (Production























Music publishing)
Got in touch with our jurists and our accountants specialized in the industry of the music

( Statuses(Statutes) - contracts - management - pay slips)

Registration(Inscription) in the SCPP (Civil society(Non-trading company) of the Phonographic Producers)

Constitution of publisher's file(publisher's case,editor's file,editor's case) for the admission to the ASSOCIATION OF COMPOSERS AND MUSIC PUBLISHERS TO PROTECT COPYRIGHT AND ROYALTIES (Partitions(Scores) of your printed works, commercial sizes(formats), contracts of transfers and publishing(editions), contracts of transfer of the right(law) of media(audiovisual) adaptation, followed and protected from admission etc.)









Music Plublishing
Distribution(Casting) of your partitions(scores) and songbook
































Statement and engraving of any works of paper music.


Transcription: manuscript, the copy of orchestra(band), Score of an orchestra(band)...


Realization of songbook, methods or any other project of a musical score.


A team of more than 10 musicians in your listening can realize your partitions(scores) as a matter of urgency.

Pen Sans is a warm police which posts(shows) rounded off letters. This police displays as well on motive(mobile) as on a computer.

For the professionals and the music publishers(editors), we offer you the possibility of distributing your partitions(scores) or songbook in our on-line musical bookshop (Get Note(Mark)) but also in a more classic distribution network (musical articles departments, fnac, music schools) what so allows the publishers(editors), the author and the composers to make live their graphic works.





In Partnership with the best agencies  of Sync and Brands

Physical distribution and digital